Welcome to the Alfred-Waterboro Veterinary Hospital

The Alfred-Waterboro Veterinary Hospital is conveniently located on Route 202 in South Waterboro, ME and offers Central York County residents a full-service animal clinic. HomeDoctor Dennis. M Brewster, DVM and Doctor Sharon C. Waugh, DVM provide comprehensive veterinary medical & surgical services, directed at the age-related wellness needs and the prevention of injury and illness in dogs & cats. In recognition of the busy individual lives of today’s pet owners, the hospital maintains business hours that provide pet owners with many options so as to conveniently schedule appointments for the needs of their pets.


Appointments can be made by calling 207-247-3100. The hospital also provides house calls by appointment only. After hours, weekend & holiday emergency services are provided to clients. The hospital carries an inventory of premier pet products, supplies and specialty items that have proven to be invaluable and in many cases lessen the chore of the day to day routine care of pets. Sound nutrition is fundamental to pets age-related wellness needs as well as to the prevention of illness. For that purpose, the hospital carries an inventory of age appropriate diets in addition to specialty diets addressing diagnosed medical needs. The diets are predominately Hill's Science Diets but other brands that have demonstrated an advantage are also available.